About Us

Papa Cookies is a established bakery, specializing in all kinds of baked goodies. We have accumulated substantial baking hours to hone our skills so that we can bring the best to you. We take great effort in creating recipes that have tantalizing tastes for all. We innovate, we sample and we improve constantly. In order to achieve these, open communication with our customers is essential. We are open to all valuable feedback and suggestions. Customer satisfaction is our priority!

At Papa Cookies, we present nothing but the best to our customers. We take pride in taking care of the satisfaction of our customers, thus recipes are only final when we feel that the cookies are presentable. Every ingredient is added only after careful selection rounds. When added in precision, the cookie mixture ensures the consistency in taste and texture in your mouth. Then, they are baked under the right amount of heat within the ideal period, with no charring at all. Henceforth, you can always be sure of our products.

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Moreover, we provide a hygienic environment to avoid contamination at all times. All workers are equipped with hygiene gloves, aprons, hair net etc to eliminiate all unknowns. Each container is brand new and we do not reuse our packaging materials. They are sterile prior to use. During packaging, the mouth of all containers are always sealed securely with the golden tape to ensure no air enters or escapes. In addition, the utensils and equipments are well maintained and undergo cleaning at least once daily or more, as required.

In general, the cookies have a shell life of about one month. Of course, we will always highly encourage them to be consumed as quickly as possible after opening, to ensure the freshness of the cookies. The shell life is suitable for the whole duration of Chinese New Year, when you may have multiples gatherings at your house. This is a great time to share your happiness with everyone!

Each cookie is handmade with much sincerity from us, akin to you sharing a piece of our cookies with your families and friends, giving them your sincere blessings. And of course, we will inspect the cookies carefully before packaging, so you can be sure you receive everything in good order, all to your expectations.

Our bakers are armed with many years of experience in bakery, and their skills to produce the right kind of cookies is second to none. Their knowledge in baking is vast and they know exactly the right ratio and the ingredients to go with each other. We use the best quality utensils, modern equipment and our unique recipes to create quality products for you. No additional cost is passed to customers, as we believe in investing in the best, to produce the best for you.

We value the cost of our health, as well as yours. Thus, we endeavour to use healthier options without compromising the qualities of our products. Freshest ingredients, no MSG or artifical colourings or flavourings added and low-fat dairy products are the common ingredients in our kitchen. For a guilt-free indulgence this Chinese New Year!

Besides quality products, Papa Cookies also strive to provide excellent customer service. While we cannot guarantee instant responses due to priorities at times, we will try our best to respond as soon as possible. Communication is easy; social media, instant messaging… Or we are simply just a call away. Customization is also possible, because we are flexible. Just let us know what you need, we will accommodate or otherwise, advise as appropriate.

We are transparent in all our transactions and quotations. No hidden cost, you pay what you agree for.

We understand the importance of presentation of gifts, we value our customers’ satisfaction. We see your happiness as ours. Thus, come close and talk to us today! We welcome all enquiries relating to our products.

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