Chinese New Year Cookies Recipe

by / Sunday, 25 January 2015 / Published in CNY

Baking is more than following recipes found online or in books blindly. It takes much experience to be a good baker, and to get the sense of making delicious pastries. Given that Chinese New Year is an annual affair and western desserts such as cheesecakes and crumbles are on the top of everyone’s craving list, Chinese New Year cookies recipes usually get neglected in the remaining months of the year. By the time the festival is here again, one realizes there is not much time for sampling the recipe. And, the cycle repeats itself every year.

Have you tried baking before? How did your products turn out? Too bland? Too hard? Too much heat? Tarts falling into pieces? Do you find it a waste to throw them away?

Or you just want to satisfy your sweet tooth but you end up with too much leftover ingredients?

Or maybe, you have so many different kinds of cookies you want to bake, but you only have one oven at home?

Hate the cleaning up after baking? The pile of utensils that never seem to dwindle even after you had been cleaning for the past hour, or the oil residue on them that never seem to be washed away completely; by the time the dish-washing are done, you are too tired for your sweet labour.

We got you covered! At Papa Cookies, our master bakers are always hard at work, measuring the precise amount of ingredients for the mixture, and pulling out masterpieces from our specialized ovens. Say no to awful cookies now! With this extra pair of helping hands, you are able to focus on other aspects of the preparation, such as decorating your house and spring cleaning.

Papa Cookies has different flavours, catering to the different tastes your guests have. The all-time favourite pineapple tarts, crunchy butter cookies and cute fondant cookies for the sweet-tooths out there.

We do made-to-order batches of cookies and you can always ensure they are delivered to you fresh at your desired timings.

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