Chinese New Year Hamper

by / Tuesday, 27 January 2015 / Published in CNY

During the festive season, it has been a tradition for many to gift New Year hampers to their business partners, relatives and friends. In a hamper, it usually consists of a variety of food types that may come in the form of canned food, tonics, and dried products. For a premier price, the hamper will come with a bottle or two of red wine too.

Examples of items found in a hamper:

Canned food – Abalone, sea cucumber, canned fruit cocktails

Tonics – Bird nest, chicken’s essence, cordyceps

Dried products – ginseng, dried mushrooms, Chinese new year cookies, peanuts, assorted sweets

These products are significant gifts as it symbolize blessings for the recipient to be able to eat well and lead a luxury lifestyle.

There is a Chinese saying, “礼尚往来“ also known as “As the call, so the echo” – which is to imply one to gift back the giver as a token of appreciation. Henceforth, it is not uncommon for the Chinese to deliver hampers every alternate year, sometimes depending on what they received from the other party the previous year.

Papa Cookie strives to be a one-stop service provider for this Chinese New Year, for you to have a relaxing Chinese New Year holiday. We understand the pressure of balancing work and household, together with spring cleaning and stocking up on goodies. Moreover, as the number of corporate and personal relationships you establish increases, we understand your need to maintain them, preferably at low or equivalent cost. However, low cost does not equate to substandard quality! Papa Cookies wants to help you to upkeep your generous image and thus this year, we have decided to provide another service for you, so you will not have to disappoint your partners anymore!

In Singapore, we carry out this tradition of gifting as early as one month before the Lunar New Year. F&B professionals will wrap the hamper according to the proposed budget, into a inverted pyramid and deliver to the recipient’s doorstep. Not only does it adds festive ambience to the environment, it also adds fun to the house or office as they unwrap the hamper in anticipation of the delicious food inside!

Are you a boss who takes good care of employees’ welfare? Are you looking at giving something for your special someone and his/her family? Are you looking at affordable and exquisite gifts for your corporate partners? We have something for everyone! At Papa Cookies, we take the extra step forward to provide hamper-wrapping service for our customers. Instead of the common products found in the Chinese New Year hamper, we can customize them in accordance to your preferred Papa Cookies flavours and wrap them like a hamper too!

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