Wheat Flakes Cookies

$ 16.80


Wheat often comes across as a healthy option for many health-conscious peers. As the festive seasons looms, we can expect the feasting and snacking to take a toll on our bodies. As such, we create the wheat flake cookies so everyone can enjoy snacks in moderation! The wheat flakes cookies look unassuming, yet power-packed with nutrients and flavours. Do not expect a bland piece of cookie, as you can taste the fragrant oven-baked wheat in action. The cookies carry a mild tinge of sweet taste which can be really addictive! Added into the cookie, the product has a mixture of sweet and salty taste that really adds a punch to the consumer. Furthermore, the cookies are made to be chewy so that they do not get too dry for the throat.

Being healthy does not mean having salads all the time! Add these to your cart today!