Valentine Day Message

by / Friday, 06 February 2015 / Published in General

People often say how easily a girl can be easily touched, and we can vouch for it. Women are the more emotional gender, and this can be a great quality to have. They are sensitive to all things that appeal to their inner self and sympathy, like how a girl will cry during a sappy romance movie or in the midst of their Korean drama chase. Thus we have decided to include a special message card in our package for you to send your girl crying for joy this Valentine’s Day!

Regardless of how your writing or literary skill may be, what matters most is the content of the message and what it is trying to communicate across to your partner. We are sure if you write true to your heart, your partner will be able to feel the effort and feelings that go into the card! As a reference guide, we have included following points for your consideration.

Quotes – If she is a book lover, you may consider this. She may have a favourite author or book in mind, or she may have mentioned a particular quote she came across before. Find it and apply it in the context of your message! Let her know you remember that seemingly minor detail she said before. Otherwise, find a quote that represents you as a couple, because sometimes it just works better using a particular excerpt to relate. Go ahead and amaze her!

Poem – Literature has been well known to appeal to a girl’s inner soul. You may not be a writer, but being able to find that piece that relates to your feeling means something. In today’s internet, love poems are readily available. Grab one of your favourite, and write to her about how the poem reminds you of her. Trust us, she will melt! If you need a guide, think Lang Leav, the famous budding Asian author, well known for her literary works.

Picture – If you run out of ideas to express yourself, remember a picture speaks a thousand words! Select one of your favourite photos of the two of you to be included in the message card. Describe the background story of the photo and let her know why that is the most favourite photos of all; it shows how you cherish dates with her, simple or extravagant, by documenting memories of you two spending time together.

Above all of the mentioned, the most important thing is to include your feelings into the message. Tell her about how you remember your first date and your days of chasing her; remind her of how you will stay by her side through all obstacles and she deserves the best from you. Show her that sentimental side of you, whether cheesy or not, write it down! Watch her face break into a smile after reading it!

Is she into everything pink? Or is she a fan of rainbow or the blue shade in the sky? Or does she take a fancy liking towards polka dots or lines? If she has a particular favourite colour or pattern, let us know and we will try our best to customize the card accordingly to her taste!  If you need more assistance to string your ideas into words, contact us and we will see how we can help!

Show your witty and artsy side to her today!

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