Valentine Gift Ideas

by / Friday, 06 February 2015 / Published in General

Gifts do not to be expensive to be impressive. A gift can tell many things about the sender’s character, and how much thought had gone into choosing the gift for your special one. It can be a personalized one, or something he/she has been eying for a long time. If you are running out of Valentine’s gift ideas, we are here to help!


Flower bouquet is the classic and default gift for all women in a relationship. Every girl loves receiving flowers, whether they admit it or not. It takes much effort to memorize the flower language, as different colours send a different message to the recipient. Roses come in yellow, red, blue, violet and even rainbow roses have emerged in the market. Likewise, a varying number of stalks will tell a different story. If you take some time to do some research, you will be able to find the exact message you are trying to bring across. For instance, the international flower language everyone knows is the classic three stalks of red roses, which simply implies “I love you”. It is encouraged to know the meaning behind the flower bouquet you are sending as it adds a tinge of romance element to your celebration!

Nearing the occasion, florists experience high volume of orders. Hence, many florists have adopted the advanced orders method which allows one to pre-order at least one month in advance to secure one bouquet. Women receiving flowers is akin to a child receiving a present from the adults — the same level of contentment and happiness is evident on their faces.


Rings, by that, we do not refer to wedding bands. For unmarried couples, rings signify the want to be connected to each other. It needs not be a diamond ring, but a simple one to serve as a constant reminder for both people. By gifting a ring, the guy is trying to mean that he wants to be tied to this girl always, and it is a sweet action for the woman. Nonetheless, there are many guys who plan the Valentine’s day celebration to coincide with their marriage proposal. If so, then the diamond ring is almost an essential. Having a marriage proposal is probably one of the most romantic gift a man can give to his woman, it signifies that he is ready to spend his life with her, together as one.

Of course, besides rings, there are other items to consider such as necklace and earrings, in short, jewelries. Women are mainly fans of jewelries, with rose gold being one of the hottest items on rack today. Depending on budgets, guys can usually get something sweet and neat for his woman in the shop.

Bath and beauty products are well-liked by many women, of all ages. They come in many assorted flavours, from natural to flora to sensual flavours. When choosing a gift for the girlfriend, guys can also look at the colours available, the various flavours, or even brands. In today’s market, many upscale brands are emerging due to the larger purchasing power of adults. They will launch seasonal products, and during Valentine’s Day, they will innovate sweet scents and flavours for the ladies, adding to the romantic atmosphere everywhere. Most products are capable of senses that can invigorate the bodies, which means basically, getting one such seasonal product for the girlfriend will lift her mood up as these flavours open up her senses and relaxes her after using them. Depending on the woman, the guy may pick something more to her liking that he knows of. Remember, women can never get enough of bath and beauty products, and will always be ready to try a new brand or product. If really in doubt, treat her to a luxurious spa session to pamper her. That will be a perfect Valentine’s gift idea for her!


Sweet treats are women’s Achilles heels, no woman can escape the temptation of them as sweet tooth is in most women. During the occasion, chocolates are sold in Valentine’s packaging almost everywhere to attract the crowd. Big market players such as Godiva and Royce will see an increase in sales volume. This is a good time to treat your woman, and remind them to let their hair down and be less conscious of their diets. This once-in-a-while treat also tells the woman that you do not mind her indulgences at time and of course, makes her feel lucky to be yours.

hello kitty valentine gift

For a change, we highly recommend you to take up the Hello Kitty cookie set launched by Papa Cookies. This Valentine’s gift idea is splendid as it breaks away from the norm of giving expensive chocolates. The set is an unique gift for your valentine, as it includes sweet delicious cookies and a plushie as part of your memories being together. The sweet treat will go straight into her heart, and she is bound to feel blessed to be with you. You can share the cookies with her during movie sessions even!

Nothing beats having a partner who cooks. Recipes of all sort of dishes can be found on the Internet today, one search and you will be spoilt for choices. Seafood, steak, desserts of any kind, customized into the kind of taste you and your partner love. This Valentine’s day, be prepared to awe her/him with a sumptuous meal that you have planned for! With the intestine directly linked to the heart, you can be assured she/he will be touched by your gestures and effort put in! As a valentine’s gift idea, this DIY meal will allow you to share intimate moments together while sipping on champagne, with lounge music playing in the background. Without having to dress up for a meal at a posh restaurant, you can be right at home enjoying a moment of your own. Feeling like a scene taken straight out from the movie? Yes that’s right you can be the main lead too! Tuck in the food together and feel the love in the air! This valentine’s gift idea is a special moment that nobody can take away from you.