Almond Pumpkin Seed Bar

$ 16.80


Healthier option? You bet so! Almond nuts and pumpkin seeds have high nutritional values and benefit the body in the long run. The good fats (also known as unsaturated fats) in the seeds and nuts help the body to function better in supporting the immunity system and reduction of cholesterol level. The bar is crunchy, with a power combination of nutrients and biscuit layer. Each bar is like a thin crisp that gets you back for more. For days when you are hurrying out for house visiting, this is good for a to-go snack too! The generous serving of ingredients on each bar is evident, we don’t hold back so that we can offer you the one you deserve.

For now, you can take your first step by grabbing one of this!

This is perfect for the nuts lovers and you who loves the nutty crunch!