Seaweed Roll

$ 17.80


Seaweed exists in many Singaporean child’s childhood memory. Do you still remember the small packets of seaweed that we could never get enough of? Today, there is a dwindling number of products that include seaweed into their list of ingredients and we, at Papa Cookies, hope to revive this!

The spicy and sweet seaweed is undeniably the main lead! We source for the best tasting seaweed, without compromising on the cost factor. These seaweed rolls are carefully rolled individually, before going for the deep-frying. They are then fried within a fixed period of time, to prevent burnt and inconsistency. The crispy skin, together with the crisp of the seaweed, you can expect a crackling time at the gathering!

All seaweed are purchased at time of baking to prevent them from becoming soggy, thus you can always be ensured of our quality control! Please be sure to keep them in air tight container to retain its freshness