Chocolate Almond Cookies

$ 22.80$ 48.00


This is for the big almond fans, with something more! Crunchy and highly addictive. By melting high quality chocolates and drizzle them over real almond nuts, our chocolate almond cookies will be a big hit at the table. Almond nuts have always been a hot favourite among many, and is a common ingredient used in festive pastries. So this time, Papa Cookies decides to do it with a twist. By pairing almond and chocolates, the end product is an amazing crunchy, sweet and addictive one. When you open the container for the first time, the smell is a sweet nutty one. Taking the first bite, the chocolate melts in the mouth almost instantly, while the nuts keep getting you back. Not forgetting the colourful sprinkle garnish, that will really appeal to the young fans out there as well!

Beautifully stacked in a transparent container, with a gold foil for a presentable finish.

Grab yours today! Be warned, you can never stop at one!