Cappuccino Cookies

$ 18.80


Cappuccino coffee is a well-known classic favourite for the Singapore Chinese. Many like it for its aroma which often fills the air when brewed. Instead of dipping your cookie into the coffee like the Western way, Papa Cookies now does it for you! By adding the Cappuccino coffee flavour into our dough mix, the cookie is successfully created! It is basically a fusion of the West and East, as we strive to keep the traditional coffee smell close to us. You can expect a combination of butter and white coffee taste as you eat a piece of the cookie. With chocolate chips blended into the cookies, you will be surprised with every ‘chew’. The next time you want to reach out for a coffee, why not consider this instead? We are sure you will enjoy the flavor “gao gao”!

Buy it as a gift, or for yourself as sweet treat today!