Green Bean Cookies

$ 16.80


We have grown green beans during our Primary School days (probably our first gardening experience). To bring back some old school memories, we have decided to fuse green bean into the cookie this year! Green beans are blended into cookie mix, that gives the cookies its green colour. Despite the colour, approach the cookie with an open heart and be ready to be surprised by it! While some may expect a hard texture, you will be delighted to feel for yourself how the cookie is going to melt in the mouth, with a mild salty aftertaste. In order to overcome any extreme saltiness, we use unsalted butter to complement the blended green beans in these cookies. In order for the taste of green bean to be explored thoroughly, little sugar is used during the mixing.

For the adults, these cookies will keep reminding you of the good ol’ days, and keep you coming back for more! And for the elders, they will enjoy the softness of these cookies, less effort required for chewing! Grab them today!